Enjoying Sedona

Enjoying Sedona

Kymee’s art career started while painting signs. Kymee’s mom and she worked jointly in their shop in a beach community in southern California named Carlsbad. ¬†Early on, the computer world improved and started creating vinyl lettering for sign usage, hand lettering became a thing of the past. Now 2 decades later their are some that see the hand lettering has a longer life in the outdoor atmosphere. So…Kymee has been doing signs again.


While painting signs Kymee realized that the fine arts is something she enjoys and spends her free time in learning and working on her portfolio of canvas and other types of art.

Here on this site is some of the work that Kymee loves and shares.


Please feel free to comment or call if you need anything. Kymee loves to paint custom signs, canvases, murals or anything where she can use an brush and some paint.

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