Here is to the memories

I have been making these memory boards lately, It has been a fun outlet.

This one here, I have just completed  tells a story that is very near my heart.

It took me a long time to complete. I have to say I had a love hate relationship with the whole project.

There were times I wanted to toss it and other times it was going along well. not sure if anyone else has the same problems with any of your projects?, but in the end I feel happy that it tells a story of love for my wonderful daughter.

Many of you know that my daughter-in-law  has been suffering from many health issues, one of the worse being breast cancer.

Wade my son was shopping for the household and walked by the flowers when a bunch of yellow tulips caught his eye. Not knowing that Becca home recovering, had just stated to one of the many awesome volunteer caregivers, that she would love some yellow tulips.

Now our family all believe in an awesome God, have no doubt how much he loves our Becca, and for those who need proof of His love, well here it is.

So the story starts Tulips for you.



So here is the story of Love, lots of gifts, prayers, meals and help for our girl, thank you to all that have been apart of this story.

Love to hear what you think or maybe your own story.

Keep creating.

Kymee Martinak

This is great for your memories.

A friend of mine, a great photographer has been helping me with photographing my art. While I was at her house, I noticed a painting above her piano.


Isn’t this the greatest, looks just like the room.

I loved it immediately!, It turns out that Brian,her husband painted it. It is a painting of their music room. This room is so cozy and you can tell they all play some great music there, there are violins and guitars and music stands with sheet music all around. They are all  musically talented.

Beki and Brians daughter also plays Violin, which inspired Beki to write a kids book.


This is from the book  Beki wrote.

This is from the book Beki wrote

So for all Beki’s hard work that she has done for me, I created a canvas that would show how much I appreciate her. I call it  a story board.

So here is how it turned out..

So here is how it turned out..     A Story Board.

This is what happens when you put all those memories together. I did this on a 8×10 Canvas. Music, photography, painting and writers, WOW! they are a very talented family.

The photos here were not taken by Beki. Beki’s are really amazing you can find her here, Beki’s Facebook

If you are interested in a children’s book, here is where you can check out her book, Miss Maddie  I know you will enjoy it.

When I find out the name of their band I will let you know and maybe they will share their schedule. Right? a band isn’t that cool.


Thanks all and don’t forget to create