Welcome to My World of Paint

Kymee’s love ¬†for art started while watching her mom painting, with her easel set up in their living room, in a little mountain community in the San Berndino mountains

During their days in Idyllwild Kymee and her sisters would spend time with their mom hiking, and enjoying all that the outdoors offered.

After two years on the mountain her parents moved back to the coast, So along with a passion for the mountains, Kymee also has a love for the beach.

Later her love took her back to the same mountain town, where she met the mountain man of her life. He then introduced her to more out-door recreation, off-roading, hiking and riding Harleys. All of these types of recreation took the couple and their 3 children to many outdoors wonders that included the desert. So now Kymee’s passions where not ¬†limited to the beach and mountains but now included the vast desert.

While in her younger years she spent time as a sign painter with her mom. Computers came out that provided vinyl lettering which eliminated the need for had lettering, After years of other trades Kymee is back to hand lettering signs and is loving her new found passion painting.

Ready to work!

6 thoughts on “Welcome to My World of Paint

  1. Your Indian maidan is fantastic! Along with all your other work! You are an inspiration!

    • Thank you so much I can’t wait to be able to share your stuff on here, I have it all ready.

  2. You came by early this year and we discussed our need for signs after our building was painted. Well it was finally painted and we need signs.
    Get get back to me and we can meet and discuss our needs.

    • Barry I am so sorry I just got this message I was not alerted that you messaged me. I will call you

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